Winter Solstice.png

In this Sound & Restore, we will celebrate the symbology of winter as we drop in to connect to our Light. In essence, sound and light are one and the same. Emily will guide you through a few restorative yoga postures and then flow into a sound bath with crystal sound bowls and voice where you can recline and feel the loving vibrations. 
We can use sound to clear out limiting beliefs and blocked emotional energy, bring the brain into a meditative calm state, regulate our nervous system to allow for healing, and bring our awareness to our true nature; love, peace, oneness and well-being. We attune (like we would a musical instrument) ourselves to our true nature of love, light, possibilities, and creativity. Sound therapy brings us more into the present moment and gives us a clearer view of ourselves, life, and our place in the universe. 

Thursday, December 22nd