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yoga center in Douglassville GA


Your body is sacred.  It is unique and beautiful; and our mission is to provide guidance on proper alignment, and to teach you how to create a safe and sustainable practice that honors your biology and biography. We are all different; and how a pose looks and feels in one body will have a different feel and expression in another body.  And so the journey on the mat becomes one that asks: what is the expression of a pose that best supports me?

Our mission is to create a space where everyone feels supported; where all voices are heard; and where one walks out feeling better than when they arrived. The essence of Just Breathe is also to drive home the importance of grounding in both the yoga practice and in life. Our yoga classes focus on connecting with ‘who and what we are,’ appreciating our diversity, and recognizing the threads that bind us all together.


Our studio is also environmentally friendly! We provide cloth hand towels and the paper products that we do use, are made from recycled content, our cleaning products are eco-friendly and we only use non-aerosol containers. Our studio floors are Green Guard Gold Certified and are floating with a cork underlayment; which translates to gentle impact on the joints and spine for our yoga students.  


We are so glad you stopped in to check us out and hope we get to see your smiling face in the studio soon!


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