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My name is Eunice Louis-Jacques and I am a Massachusetts native with Caribbean roots who has recently come to settle in Douglasville, GA. I have been a lover of yoga for over 10 years. The aesthetics of the practice is what first drew me in, however it was learning and experiencing the beneficial effects of mind, body, and spirit that kept me coming back to the mat. Yoga to me is so much more than the asanas. My practice has been and still is a journey that teaches me more about myself, others and nature. Being a lover of travel and languages I took a trip to Rishikesh, India in March 2019 and completed a 1 month 200 hr YTT in Ashtanga Vinyasa flow and Beginner Flow. By bridging my nursing background with yoga, my goal is to share flows that are healing leaving you present in your mind and body.

Favorite Quote: “My body is my Temple and Asanas are my prayers” - B.K.S Iyengar 

Favorite Books:  Siddhartha, The Alchemist, Digital Fortress 

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